Navigational Aid Maintenance

Technician repairing a navigational aid Technician inspecting red and white buoy

The Amherstburg base provides technical services, through the installation and maintenance of various lighted aids to navigation. The department maintains approximately 280 fixed and floating lighted aids, as well as emergency power units at CCG marine radio sites, in southern Ontario. The facility technicians are also responsible for the base's technical maintenance. The facility provides storage and maintenance support for over 480 fixed and floating navigational aids used to mark all navigable channels and ports within our area.

Lighting station equipped with a landing pad

Colchester Reef light equipped with a helicopter landing pad.

Winter spars stacked up on warf

Winter spars are used to replace the lighted buoys, that would be damaged by the ice during winter months.

A CCG Helicopters on a landing stations

Helicopters are sometimes used to transport technicians to remote stations.