Other Departments and Partnerships

The Amherstburg base provides support to various government departments such as Canada Customs and various police departments. This support comes as a place to dock, use of facilities and escort upon Coast Guard vessels if necessary.

OPP Enforcement Program

To obtain the common goal of safe boating, the Amherstburg base and Ontario Provincial Police and Canada Customs co-operate through the sharing of resources and facilities as well as participate in joint patrols.

OPP Police Boat docked

Ministry of Environment (MOE)

The Ministry of Environment is responsible for the monitoring of environmental issues and enforcement of environmental regulations. To support this function, Amherstburg base provides facilities and shares resources when MOE vessels are operating in the area.

Small boat docked

Department of Public Works (DPW) Hydrographic Services

The DPW is responsible for monitoring and charting depths of waterways to ensure that channels and ports are deep enough for shipping traffic.

Essex Regional Conservation Authority (ERCA)

ERCA maintains CCG properties White Sands and Crystal Bay, two local picnic sites. They are responsible for maintenance and admission fee collection. The Amherstburg base provides transportation as well as the use of its resources to ERCA.

Parks Canada

Parks Canada operates a historic site, called Fort Malden, which is located within Amherstburg. The Coast Guard and Parks Canada co-operate by sharing services for the Amherstburg base and Fort Malden.

U.S. Corps of Engineers

The American Army Corps of Engineers has a dredging barge and tug boat stationed at the Amherstburg base. The U.S. Corps utilize the Amherstburg base facilities in order to reduce their travel time and maximize the efficiency of their operations.

U.S. Coast Guard

In any emergency, the faster that response units can get to the site of the incident, the better the chance victims will have for survival. For this reason both Canadian and American Coast Guard coordinate the response to emergency calls by tasking vessels and providing assistance on both sides of the border, depending on which agency is closest to the incident.