Search and Rescue - New Initiatives Fund

A limited SAR New Initiatives Fund (NIF) exists to fund worthyproposals to address identified needs in the SAR system for which funding is currently not available from other sources. The NIF fund is intended for use on a one time short term basis (up to a maximum of three years) and is available to support Search and Rescue activities that members of the federal Interdepartmental Committee on Search and Rescue (ICSAR) consider deserve to be sponsored. The overall management of this fund is vested in the National SAR Secretariat (NSS). Projects requiring total NIF funding in excess of $1M may be submitted but will be subject to review and special approval by ICSAR.

Consideration should be given to developing proposals that address demonstrable deficiencies in the SAR system. An "appropriate" federal ICSAR member must sponsor all proposals. The CCG Manager SAR is the delegated authority for submitting all DFO sponsored proposals to the NIF Merit Board. However, should DFO receive a proposal that would be more appropriately sponsored by another ICSAR member, we will undertake to forward it to the appropriate federal agency.

Call for Proposals

Before writing a full proposal, you must discuss your idea in advance with the HQ SAR office to ensure your idea has not been proposed before or to allow us to help you adapt a previous project if your idea is similar. For boating safety issues, please forward proposals directly to Transport Canada.

DFO personnel wishing to initiate and manage a SAR project may apply for funding via the NIF. The current NIF guide and proposal forms are found at the New Initiative Fund web site. It is required that project managers requesting consideration of sponsorship by NIF send a completed proposal form to the CCG Manager SAR.

Deadline for receipt of NIF proposals in SAR Headquarters Ottawa from Regional Offices for 2013-2014 is 11:59 pm, Friday, August 16, 2013.

Call for Proposals - 2014-2015

Key Dates

The following represents the cycle of the SAR NIF Merit Process.

April 1 - NSS Call-Letter issued

August 16 - CCG Deadline for Submissions

Mid October - Sponsoring departments score proposals

Mid November - Merit Board meets

Early December - Interdepartmental Committee on Search and Rescue (ICSAR) Approval

Mid December - Lead Minister, SAR recommends funding

March - Ministerial Approval


If you have a unique and worthwhile idea for a NIF proposal, but for whatever reason cannot pursue it yourself, please send it to us so that it can be shared with others who visit this site. Perhaps somebody else will 'adopt' your idea and make it a reality!