2. Support on-water law enforcement and responsiveness

CCGS Cape Hurd on Maritime Security patrol

As the owner and operator of Canada’s federal civilian fleet, CCG supports on-water law enforcement and responsiveness by providing CCG vessels, equipment, personnel and expertise to Canada’s federal policing and security agencies to allow for more effective protection of Canada’s waterways.

Two Marine Security Enforcement Teams patrol vessels at sea

For example, CCG provides this support on a routine basis through the joint Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)-CCG Marine Security Enforcement Team (MSET) Program. MSET provides a dedicated security enforcement capacity on the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway, where CCG is responsible for vessel operation and RCMP is responsible for all law enforcement-related activities. CCG also supports law enforcement and responsiveness in the maritime domain on an as-needed, contingency basis to federal security partners.