Canadian Coast Guard College

The Canadian Coast Guard College is the national centre of excellence for maritime training for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). Located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, the college delivers training and services in both official languages, and is an important source of trained and skilled personnel for the CCG.

Programs and Courses

Officer Training Program

Offered by the Nautical Sciences department, this 45-month program guarantees a position in the CCG fleet for all graduates. Qualifying applicants specialize in either marine navigation or engineering.

Marine Communications and Traffic Services Officers

The Marine Communications and Traffic Services (MCTS) department trains students to become MCTS officers. Graduates of the 25-week MCTS program are allowed the opportunity of employment at 22 MCTS centres across Canada.

Search and Rescue and Environmental Response

The Rescue, Safety and Environmental Response (RSER) department offers training in search and rescue to CCG employees and members of the Department of National Defence. Courses in environmental response are also available from RSER.

Marine Maintenance and Equipment Training

The Marine Maintenance and Equipment Training mandate is to provide training to CCG technical personnel. Its responsibility is to enable the technical community across the country to maintain and repair all marine equipment used on CCG ships and state-of-the-art technical equipment used onshore.

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