Shore-based Positions

Technologist working on radar tower

Electronics Technologist

Your responsibilities as an Electronics Technologist involve the maintenance and repair of radio communication systems, electronic navigation equipment and computer systems and networks, including:

  • Ship and harbour radars;
  • Gyrocompasses;
  • Ultrasonic depth finders;
  • Satellite positioning equipment;
  • Satellite communicators;
  • MF-HF-VHF-UHF radio telecommunications equipment;
  • Communication control systems; and,
  • PBX telephone exchanges.

This position also requires the inspection of radio stations on board commercial and government vessels.

Electronics Technologists typically work a 37.5 hour week from Monday to Friday, but for certain projects, you may be asked to be on standby during the weekend or in case of emergency.

An Electronics Technologist position offers a competitive salary and benefits. For further information on salary please visit the Treasury Board website rates of pay.

CCG communications station on Mt. Ozzard, BC

An Electronic Technologist in training at the Canadian Coast Guard College

The Marine Electronic Development Training Program:

The Marine Electronic Development (MELDEV) training program is a Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) national training and development program designed to recruit Electronics Technologists and provide training required to bring them to the working level. It is a three-year training program that takes participants through hands-on and theoretical instruction. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will immediately hold a full-time position with the Canadian Coast Guard.

The minimum 27 month training program consists of orientation, training and development tools along with other required training. The training is done through the Marine Communication and Traffic Services centres in the five Canadian Coast Guard regions as well as at the Canadian Coast Guard College.

Pre-requisites for the MELDEV Training Program:

To join the Canadian Coast Guard as an Electronics Technologist, applicants must have successfully completed secondary school, as well as received a degree/diploma in electronic technology from an accredited university or college. Applicants can then apply for the MELDEV program through the Public Service Commission (PSC)website.