Featured Jobs: Officer Cadet

Engineers examining a design; an MCTS Officer at work; seagoing personnel buoy tending

“I came across the competition poster, and it sounded more like it was describing me than a career.”

“Being at sea, you see a lot of things that are really incredible that not many people get to see.”

“I chose the Canadian Coast Guard because it is extremely stimulating, and provides the perfect entry point into the maritime industry.”

These words were spoken by our graduating and returning Officer Cadets of the Canadian Coast Guard College (CCGC). The life of an Officer Cadet is one of continuous learning, self-discipline, and respect for the organization, qualities which are essential for a successful career at sea. The start of the day highlights this with daily divisions. All Cadets meet in the College’s spacious gymnasium for attendance, uniform inspection, and to stand alongside their fellow classmates.

Following daily divisions, Cadets have a wide array of both in-class theoretical and practical coursework in both official languages. While there are shared courses between Navigation and Engineering Officers Cadets, the College offers highly specialized classes to suit the needs of the different streams. Navigation students learn certain navigational skills through using simulators, like how to pilot vessels using only radar. Engineering students work with engines and electronic systems, like monitoring and maintaining a vessel’s hydraulics systems. As well, students have the opportunity to apply their training first-hand through spending time on a vessel at sea. Navigation Officer Cadets spend 15 months and Engineering Cadets spend 9 months working alongside fully trained professionals on real live CCG missions.

Our Officer Cadets demonstrate their willingness to be part of the team by fully devoting themselves to the curriculum; in turn, the CCGC devotes itself to its students by providing a free, first-rate education with many Officer Cadet Benefits. Yes, you read that correctly. Course material (including books and tools), meals and accommodations, Olympic-size pool, and exercise facilities are all available to students free of charge. Additionally, all four years of the training program count as pensionable service.

Upon graduation, Officer Cadets are all guaranteed full-time employment on a CCG vessel, are entitled to the full range of Government of Canada employee benefits, and are paid $25.32/hour (up to $59,000 annually).

Two Officer Cadets at work

If you think this describes you and not just a career, or if you need more information, then visit the CCG College website.