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It's more than a career. It's an adventure! - The CCGS Henry Larsen in front of an iceberg

Saluti Primum, Auxilio Semper”, the Latin motto for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), translates to “Safety First, Service Always”. From coast to coast to coast, the women and men of our agency provide the people of Canada with essential services on our lakes and oceans, as well as on land. The CCG provides services such as aids to navigation, icebreaking, search and rescue missions, science expeditions, environmental response and managing traffic in our waters.

Exciting career opportunities are available throughout our organization. Our 119 vessels are staffed by our seagoing personnel, who are comprised of ships’ officers and ships’ crew. We proudly offer competitive salaries, as well as many openings for career advancement.

While our most visible employees are those at sea, our shore-based personnel (who make up half of all CCG staff) play an equally important role in promoting safety and providing services in marine communications, electronic technology, engineering and administration.

The CCG provides services in Canadian waters and is located in three regions:

Our National Headquarters is located in Ottawa. We also have a College in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

On any given day, the Canadian Coast Guard:

  • Saves 13 lives;
  • Assists 58 people in 25 search and rescue cases;
  • Services 55 aids to navigation;
  • Handles 1,547 marine radio contacts;
  • Manages 2,135 commercial ship movements;
  • Escorts 4 commercial ships through ice during the ice season;
  • Carries out 11 fisheries patrols;
  • Supports 3 hydrographic missions;
  • Supports 8 scientific surveys;
  • Deals with 3 reported pollution events; and,
  • Surveys 5 kilometres of navigation channel bottom.

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