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Incidents and Investigations

The GGCS Sir Humphrey Gilbert in ice
12/20/1963 Douala Incident (SAR): December 20th - 22nd Douala founders off of NFLD and survivors rescued by Sir Humphrey Gilbert. Captain G. S. Burdock, rescuing survivors of the French ship Douala, December 1963. Photo: CCGS Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Offshore Rescues
The CCGS Grenville at dock
12/18/1968 CCGS Grenville (sinking): CCGS Grenville ends half century of Great Lakes service. TRANSPORT Newsletter Vol 20 #4 July-August 1969 [PDF Format - 5.41MB]
Tanker ARROW aground
02/04/1970 Arrow Incident: On Wednesday, February 4, 1970, amidst heavy rain and winds from the southeast reportedly gusting up to 60 knots, the Liberian tanker ARROW ran aground on Cerberus Rock in Chedabucto Bay, Nova Scotia. Photo: MMA, MP17.17.3, M78.109, Courtesy of the Canadian Forces Environment Canada
The Irving Whale being hosted to surface
07/09/1970 Irving Whale sinks: At 1023 local time on 7 September 1970, the Irving Whale sank at 47°22′09″N 63°19′46″W in approximately 67 m (220 ft) of water. (Irving Whale on Wikipedia).
Pisces III Submersible in water
08/29/1973 Pisces III Submersible (Recovery): CCGS John Cabot aids in rescue of Pisces III deep sea submersible. Pisces III Rescue on Wikipedia Popular Science article on Pisces III Rescue
The CCGS John A. Macdonald clearing a path through the ice
02/26/1975 Atlantean I incident (arrest at sea): Atlantean I, renamed the Answer incident (arrest at sea) by CCGS John A. Macdonald.
Ocean Ranger drilling in Cook Inlet, Alaska
02/15/1982 Ocean Ranger (Sinking): Ocean Ranger Disaster - CBC Digital Archives Photo: ODECO publicity photo of Ocean Ranger drilling in Cook Inlet, Alaska
The CCGS Sir William Alexander and the CCGS John A. Macdonald alongside in ice
04/01/1983 Sea Shepherd (Arrest at Sea): CCGS Sir William Alexander and CCGS John A. Macdonald assist arrest at sea of Mr. Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd
Air India in flight
06/23/1985 Air India 182 (Recovery): Air India Flight 182, an Air India flight operating on the Montréal-London-Delhi route was blown up by a bomb while in Irish airspace and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. 329 people perished, including 280 Canadian citizens. The CCGS John Cabot assists in the recovery of Flight Voice and Data Recorders. Air India 182 on Wikipedia
Odyssey Tanker on fire
11/10/1988 ODYSSEY (Pollution): Odyssey Tanker on Wikipedia Liberian tanker ODYSSEY, almost fully loaded with a cargo of 132,157 tonnes of North Sea Brent crude oil, broke into two and sank in heavy weather in the North Atlantic 700 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. Due to the rough weather conditions, the Canadian Coast Guard was only able to come within 1.75 miles of the vessel whilst on fire.
The Captain K sinking
03/18/1991 Captain K (Collision): CCGS Griffon encountered the fishing tug Captain K near Port Dover in Lake Erie. After being struck, in fog, by the Griffon, the Captain K sank, with its three crewmembers, Photo: TSB TSB Investigation Report
The CCGS Martha L. Black navigating through waters
07/22/1991 Tenyo Maru (Sinking): Chinese bulk carrier Tuo Hai collided with the Japanese fishing factory ship Tenyo Maru and the latter sank at the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Oil from damaged fuel tanks had risen through the ship. This was determined by a camera equipped remotely-operated vehicle, (ROV) controlled from the CCGS Martha L. Black.
Thumbnail chart of Cape Aspy wreck site
01/30/1993 Cape Aspy (Sinking): The 35.4 m scallop dragger "CAPE ASPY" of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, with a crew of 16, sank off the south coast of Nova Scotia south-east of Cape Sable, Island. Wrecksite - Cape Aspy
The Cleveland Amory navigating through waters
07/01/1993 Cleveland Amory (Arrest at Sea): Cleveland Amory, (the former CCGS Thomas Carleton), was used to chase the Cuban trawler Rio Las Casas from the Grand Banks, throwing stink bombs and similar tactics. She was in turn chased by the CCGS Cape Roger and the CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell, with RCMP officers on board. Watson was arrested and the protest ship detained. Sea Shephert Society History
The CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell at sea
01/01/1994 Marika (Sinking): Marika, an 81,000 GRT oil/ore carrier bound from Sept Iles, Quebec to the Netherlands with a full load of iron ore. Five days of intensive searching in severe weather. Six Canadian Forces Aurora and Hercules aircraft were joined by eight ships of various nationalities were diverted from their voyages to participate and they were joined on the second day by CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell, which assumed control of the search area.
Map of the maritimes
09/03/1995 Estai (Arrest at Sea): The Turbo War on Wikipedia Estai (arrest at sea) involving Cape Roger, Leonard J. Cowley, Cygnus , Sir Wilfred Grenfell, J.E.Bernier and Sir John Franklin.
The Chiloli aground on the beach
09/13/1995 Chiloli (drugs): Environment Canada Report
The CCGS Leonard J. Cowley at sea
01/10/1996 Amphion (SAR): Amphion was a Greek owned vessel bound from Germany to Philadelphia. 485 miles east-southeast of St. John's NF, it was reported she was taking water through storm damage. At 0700 on the 11th CCGS Leonard J. Cowley arrived. All crew were transferred to the Cowley by FRC without injury.
 The Irving Whale being hosted to surface
07/30/1996 Irving Whale Raised: On 30 July 1996, the Irving Whale was hoisted to teh surface by derrick barges Chesapeake and Boabarge 9. Raising the Irving Whale - CBC Digital Archive
The Hanseatic aground at sea
08/29/1996 Hanseatic (Grounding): While on passage from Gjoa Haven to Resolute Bay, the "HANSEATIC" ran aground in Simpson Strait. Photo: TSB TSB Report
Arial view of the extent of the Red River Flood
04/20/1997 Red River Flood: Echo - Red River Flood The Red River Flood of 1997 brought together many organizations and individuals to help the people of Manitoba. The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) and Fisheries and Oceans played several roles in the relief effort.
The CCGS Cape Rogers at sea
10/03/1997 Vanessa (Sinking): Vanessa was a small freighter carrying a cargo of fertilizer from Denmark. The M.V. Choyang World reported to RCC Norfolk, Va. via INMARSAT that she had received a “Mayday“ message on VHF from the Vanessa. The position was about 480 miles southeast of St. John’s NL. RCC Halifax took charge of the operation. The ship had sunk and nine men boarded one of the two life rafts and another six went into the water. CCGS Cape Roger arrived and assumed the duties of on-scene coordinator.
The ACG ACV 039 navigating in waters near shore-line
12/02/1997 Pacific Charmer (SAR): Pacific Charmer, a fishing vessel which suddenly capsized in the Pylades channel in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Response by ACV CG 039.
A Canadian Coast Guard search and rescue ship is navigating through waters
01/16/1998 Flare (Sinking): Bulk carrier Flare, in ballast, proceeding at 3 knots into a 40-50 knot gale with six metre seas broke in two. CCGS W.G.George and CCGS W. Jackman dispatched. TSB Report
Photo of McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft in flight
09/02/1998 SwissAir Flight 111 Disaster: On September 2, 1998, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft on Flight 111 from New York to Geneva crashed into the waters off of Nova Scotia after an in-flight fire, killing all passengers and crew aboard. CCG Auxilary and CCG vessels were some of the first responders to the incident. Photo: CG render of McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWF
The Rio Orinoco aground
10/16/1999 Rio Orinoco (Grounding - Pollution): The Rio Orinoco was a Cayman Islands registered vessel in poor condition which experienced engine trouble while en route to Montreal with a cargo of 8245 tonnes of asphalt. The ship went ashore on October 16th 1990. CCG Response [PDF Format - 1.3MB]
Evening photo of World Trade Center, New York
09/11/2001 September 11, 2001: In response to the events of September 11th the Federal Government established the Ad Hoc Committee for Public Security, known as the Manley Committee. $60 million was allocated for marine security over the next five years, with $15 million over three years going to the DFO to increase on-the-water presence and aerial surveillance.
Kella-Lee, fishing vessel, navigating through pristine waters
10/26/2001 Kella-Lee (Sinking): While returning from the fishing grounds, the Kella-Lee encountered heavy seas off Cape Scott, British Columbia, progressively down-flooded and sank. CCGS John P. Tully tasked.
Map of Frazer River
08/13/2002 Cap Rouge II (Sinking): TSB Report Cap Rouge II sinks in the Fraser River, British Columbia
Genny & Doug fishing vessel at sea
05/03/2003 Genny & Doug (Collision): In the early morning hours CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell was returning to St. John's after conducting engine trials when it collided with the fishing vessel Genny and Doug in thick fog. Photo: TSB TSB Report
Map of Lake Erie
01/17/2004 Georgian Express Flight 126: January 17th, Georgian Express Flight 126 crashed into Lake Erie shortly after take off from Pelee Island. The CCGS Samuel Risley was tasked to assist recovery efforts with the Transportation Safety Board, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Coroner's Office. TSB Report
The Queen of the North navigating at sea
03/22/2006 Queen of the North (Sinking): Queen of the North rescue incident involves Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Point Henry,W.E. Ricker,Kitimat II and CCGS Vector. Queen of the North on Wikipedia
Fishing vessel Seau Urchin proceeding to wharf
11/04/2007 Sea Urchin (SAR): Fishing vessel Sea Urchin was taking part in a Canadian Coast Guard training exercise in Newman Sound. At approximately 1440 Newfoundland standard time, following completion of the exercise, the vessel capsized while proceeding to the wharf. All three persons on board were rescued, but one person later succumbed in hospital. Photo: TSB TSB Report
Map of Cape Breton
03/29/2008 L'Acadien II (Sinking): L'Acadien II, with six crew members on board, capsized 18 nautical miles off Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, while being towed in ice by the light icebreaker CCGS Sir William Alexander. TSB Report
Photo of Farley Mowat at dock
04/14/2008 Farley Mowat (Arrest at Sea): Canadian Authorities Arrest Seal Hunt Observers, Seize Vessel DFO News Release Video TheStar.com  Photo: Wikipedia
Coast Guard rigid hull inflatable boat alongside the fishing vessel Monte Galieiro
02/22/2009 Monte Galineiro (SAR): FV Monte Galineiro was a Spanish fishing vessel that sank 400 km (250 miles) off the coast of Newfoundland on February 22, 2009. CCGS Leonard J. Cowley was doing a routine patrol when it responded to the Monte Galineiro's distress call, and arrived within ten minutes, rescuing all twenty-two of the vessel's crew. Monte Galineiro on Wikipedia
CCG fast rescue craft rescue crew of Waverunner
05/14/2010 Waverunner (SAR): CCG ECHO Article [PDF Format - 1.99MB]  S/V Waverunner issued a mayday and activated its emergency beacon at 5:30 a.m. on Friday, May 14th. The vessel was 360 nautical miles (415 miles), south of St. John’s. CCGS Cygnus, 300 nautical miles away, answered the call. All of the crew members were rescued. Photo: CCG