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Fleet additions over the last 50 years

A Sikorsky Helicopter flying near a lighthouse
03/31/1962 Sikorsky S61

The CCGS Simcoe navigating near the shoreline
07/26/1962 CCGS Simcoe (decommissioned June 2008)

The CCGS Rapid navigating near the shoreline
01/04/1963 CCGC Rapid (transfered to Navy 1983)

The CCGS Hudson navigating through ice
01/04/1963 CCGS Hudson

The CCGC Rally navigating in waters
05/15/1963 CCGC Rally (transfered to Navy 1983)

The CCGS Tembah in pristine waters
07/01/1963 CCGS Tembah

The CCGC Ready navigating near the coastline
07/01/1963 CCGC Ready (decommissioned 1991)

The CCGC Relay navigating near the coastline
07/12/1963 CCGC Relay (became museum ship in 1989)

Model of the CCGC Rider
08/15/1963 CCGC Rider (sold in 1987) (Model by: Phil Dauphinee)

Front view of the CCGC Racer in pristine waters
09/01/1963 CCGC Racer (decommissioned 1991)

The CCGS Narwhal in pristine waters
10/17/1963 CCGS Narwhal (Decommissioned November 1999)

The CCGS Montmagny in pristine waters near a buoy
 01/04/1963 CCGS Montmagny (Decommissioned July 1999)

Alouette III helicopters

02/01/1964 Alouette III helicopters

The CCGS Skidegate navigating near coastline
07/01/1964 CCGS Skidegate (sold 1998 - commercial)

The CCGS Kenoki in waters near coastline
08/15/1964 CCGS Kenoki (decommissioned 1992)

The CCGC Spume navigating near coastline, similar to the CCGC Spray
09/01/1964 CCGC Spray (Photo: CCGC Spume)

The CCGC Spume navigating near coastline
 09/01/1964 CCGC Spume

The CCGC Spume navigating near coastline, similar to the CCGC Spindrift
12/01/1964 CCGC Spindrift  (Photo: CCGC Spume)

The CCGS John Cabot at port
05/31/1965 CCGS John Cabot (sold 1993)

The CCGS Quadra at port
01/01/1966 CCGS Quadra (sold 1982)

The CCGS Quadra at port, same class vessel as the CCGS Vancouver
 01/02/1966 CCGS Vancouver (sold 1982)

The CCGS Beauport near coastline
01/04/1966 CCGS Beauport (decommissioned 1988)

The CCGS Nicolet at sea
07/01/1966 CCGS Nicolet (sold 1995)

09/01/1966 Chebucto (Decommissioned September 1988)

The Vector in pristine waters
01/01/1967 Vector

The Caligus navigating near coastline
 01/04/1967 Caligus (Decommissioned 2002)

The Parizeau in pristine waters near the coastline
01/04/1967 Parizeau (Decommissioned November 2004)

The CCGS J.E. Bernier creating a path through the ice
11/29/1967 CCGS J.E. Bernier (Decommissioned 2006)

The CCGS Limnos at sea
01/04/1968 Limnos

The Navicula navigating under a bridge
 01/04/1968 Navicula (Decommissioned June 2005)

01/04/1968 Dawson

The CCGS Jean Bourdon at sea
03/29/1968 CCGS Jean Bourdon

Cessna in flight
01/04/1968 Cessna 337 (Skymaster)

The CCGS Tracy creating a channel through the ice
04/17/1968 CCGS Tracy

The CGC SRN5 on land
07/01/1968 CGC SRN5

E.P. Le Québécois at sea
01/04/1968 E.P. Le Québécois

The Tanu navigating at sea
01/04/1968 Tanu

provo_wallis.jpg (25137)
01/04/1968 CCGS Provo Wallis

lssl.jpg (25096)
01/04/1969 CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent

The CCGS Barlett navigating at sea
01/04/1969 CCGS Bartlett

The CCGS Norman McLeod Rogers breaking ice
01/04/1969 CCGS Norman McLeod Rogers

The CCGS Alert navigating at sea
01/04/1969 CCGS Alert

The CCGS Robert Foulis at sea
01/04/1969 CCGS Robert Foulis (Decommissioned October 1998)

The CCGC Kestrel navigating in waters near mountains
01/04/1969 CCGC Kestrel (Decommissioned June 2007)

01/04/1969 CCGC Bamfield (Decommissioned April 2001)

01/04/1969 Manyberries (Decommissioned)

The CCGS Griffon at port
01/01/1970 CCGS Griffon Photo by: Rick Laporte

The Tofino in pristine waters
01/04/1970 Tofino (decommissioned June 2007)

The Shark in waters near the coastline
01/04/1971 Shark (Decommissioned October 2010)

The Advent navigating through waters near the coastline
01/04/1972 Advent (Decommissioned October 2009) Photo by: Rick Laporte

The CCGC Waubuno at port
 01/04/1972 CCGC Waubuno (Decommissioned June 2007)

01/04/1972 CCGS Voyageur (ACV) (Decommissioned 1987)

The Sooke Post navigating near coastline
01/04/1973 Sooke Post

The CCGC Tobermory at sea
01/04/1973 CCGC Tobermory (Decommissioned July 2009)

The CCGC Westfort at sea
 01/04/1973 CCGC Westfort (Decommissioned ?)

The CCGC 119 navigating at sea
01/04/1973 CCGC 119

The CCGS GC-03 navigating near the coastline
01/04/1973 CCGS GC-03

The CCGS GC-03 navigating near the coastline, same class vessel as the GC-06
 01/04/1973 CCGS GC-06 Photo CCGS GC-03

The Kitimat II navigating through pristine waters near coastline
01/04/1974 Kitimat II

The CCGS Nahidik near coastline
07/01/1974 CCGS Nahidik

The CCGs Miskanaw near coastline in the fall
 01/04/1974 CCGS Miskanaw (Decommissioned April 1997)

The J.L. Hart navigating near coastline
01/04/1974 J.L. Hart

The Atlin Post navigating near the shoreline
01/04/1975 Atlin Post

 01/04/1975 Chilco Post (Decommissioned April 2001)

 01/04/1975 Comox Post (Decommissioned January 2003)

The CCGC 117 at sea
01/04/1975 CCGC 117 

The CCGC 118 at port
 01/04/1975 CCGC 118

01/04/1975 CCGC Shippagan (Decommissioned 2002)

The Shamook at sea
01/04/1975 Shamook

The CCGS Namao in pristine waters
 01/04/1975 CCGS Namao (Decommissioned June 2005)

The CCGS Louis M. Lauzier navigating through waters
01/04/1976 Louis M. Lauzier

The Cape Rogers at sea
01/04/1977 Cape Roger

The CCGS Louisbourg at sea
07/01/1977 Louisbourg

 09/01/1977 CCGS George E. Darby (sold in 1992)

 01/01/1978 CCGS Grenfell

The A.H. Chevarie at port
01/04/1978 A.H. Chevarie

The CCGS Pierre Radisson breaking ice
07/01/1978 CCGS Pierre Radisson

The CCGS W.E. Ricker at sea
10/01/1978 W.E. Ricker

The CCGS Sir John Franklin at port
01/04/1979 CCGS Sir. John Franklin (Amundsen)

The CCGS Dumit docked near the shoreline
01/04/1979 CCGS Dumit

01/04/1979 Pender (Decommissioned August 2009)

01/04/1979 CCGS Jackman

The CCGC Isle Rouge at Sea
01/01/1980 CCGC Isle Rouge

The CCGC Point Henry navigating through waters near shoreline
01/04/1980 CCGC Point Henry (sold June 2012)

The CCGS Cove Isle navigating at sea
01/04/1980 CCGS Cove Isle

The CCGC Gull Isle at sea
 01/04/1980 CCGS Gull Isle

The Wilfred Templeman navigating towards a port
01/04/1981 Wilfred Templeman

The Swift docked at port
 01/04/1981 Swift (Decommissioned 2000)

The Pillar Rock at sea
 01/04/1981 Pillar Rock (Decommissioned November 1997)

The CCGC Cape Hurd at sea
01/04/1982 CCGC Cape Hurd

The CCGC Point Race near coastline
01/04/1982 CCGC Point Race (sold March 2012)

The CCGS Des Groseilliers breaking ice
01/04/1982 CCGS Des Groseilliers

The Cygnus at sea
01/04/1982 Cygnus

The Alfred Needler at sea
10/14/1982 Alfred Needler

The CCGC Sora near coastline
01/04/1982 CCGC Sora (Decommissioned January 2007)

The CCGS Bittern navigating through waters
 01/04/1982 CCGC Bittern (Decommissioned January 2007)

The CCGC Cumella near coastline
01/04/1983 Cumella

The CGC Penac (ACV) at sea
01/04/1984 CGC Penac (ACV)

The CCGS Tsekoa II near coastline
01/04/1984 CCGS Tsekoa II (Decommissioned September 2010)

The Leonard J. Cowley at sea
01/04/1984 Leonard J. Cowley

A helicopter preparing to land on the CCGS Mary Hitchens
 01/04/1984 CCGS Mary Hitchens (Decommissioned January 2000)

The CCGS Mallard navigating in waters near mountains
01/01/1985 CCGS Mallard

The CCGS Caribou Isle near coastline
01/04/1985 CCGS Caribou Isle

The CCGC Souris at port
01/04/1985 CCGC Souris (Decommissioned December 2006)

The CCGS Partridge Island near coastline
01/04/1985 CCGS Partridge Island (Decommissioned January 2010)

The CCGC Goéland at sea
01/04/1985 CCGC Goéland

The John P. Tully at sea
01/04/1985 John P. Tully

The Tuebor near coastline
01/04/1985 Tuebor

The CCGS F.C.G. Smith near coastline
01/04/1985 CCGS F.C.G. Smith 

The CCGS Samuel Risley breaking ice
01/04/1985 CCGS Samuel Risley

The CCGS Île des barques at port
01/04/1985 CCGS Île des barques (Decommissioned October 2008) Photo by" Paul O'Neill

01/04/1985 Frank M. Weston (Decommissioned March 2006)

The CCGC CGR 100 dry docked
01/04/1986 CCGC CGR 100 (Decommissioned July 2009) Photo by Paul O'Neill

The Aquariel near coastline
 01/04/1987 Aquariel (Decommissioned December 2006)

The CCGS Hood at sea
 01/04/1986 CCGS Hood (Decommissioned July 2002)

The CCGC Osprey near coastline
01/04/1986 CCGC Osprey Photo Credit: Brian Rempel

The CCGS Edward Cornwallis near coastline
01/04/1986 CCGS Edward Cornwallis

The CCGC Skua at sea
01/04/1986 CCGS Skua (sold April 2012)

The CCGS George R. Pearkes breaking ice
05/15/1986 CCGS George R. Pearkes

The Pandalus III near coastline
01/04/1986 Pandalus III

The CCGS Martha L. Black at sea
01/04/1986 CCGS Martha L. Black

The CCGS Harp at sea accompanied by a helicopter
01/04/1986 CCGS Harp

The CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier near coastline
01/04/1986 CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier

The CCGS 6C-4828 near coastline
 01/04/1986 CCGS 6C-4828 (Transferred to RCMP March 2009)

The CCGS Earl Grey at sea
01/04/1986 CCGS Earl Grey

The CCGS Île Saint-Ours near coastline
 01/04/1986 CCGS Île Saint-Ours

The CCGS Waban-aki (ACV) breaking ice
01/04/1987 CCGS Waban-aki (ACV) (Decommissioned August 2010)

The CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell at sea
02/15/1987 CCGS Sir Wilfred Grenfell

The CCGC Sterne near coastline
01/04/1987 CCGC Sterne

The CCGS Henry Larsen navigating in waters near mountains
01/04/1987 Henry Larsen

The CCGS Ann Harvey navigating near coastline
01/04/1987 CCGS Ann Harvey

The CCGS Sir William Alexander navigating near an iceberg
01/04/1987 CCGS Sir William Alexander

The CCGS Teleost at sea
01/04/1988 Teleost

 01/04/1988 Lewis Reef (Decommissioned April 2001)

The CCGS Frederick G. Creed at sea
01/04/1988 CCGS Frederick G. Creed

The CCGS Eckaloo at port
01/04/1988 CCGS Eckaloo

The CCGC Bickerton at sea
01/04/1989 CCGC Bickerton

The Opilio at port
01/04/1989 Opilio

The Neocaligus near coastline
01/04/1989 Neocaligus

The Howe Point at port
01/04/1989 Howe Point (Decommissioned September 2003)

The Vigilance at port
 01/04/1989 Vigilance (Decommissioned 2002)

The Matthew at sea
01/04/1990 Matthew

The CCGS Gordon Reid near coastline
01/04/1990 CCGS Gordon Reid

The CCGS John Jacobson near coastline
01/04/1990 CCGS John Jacobson (Decommissioned May 2001)

The Arcadie at port
01/04/1990 Arcadie (Decommissioned January 2007)

The R.B. Young at sea
01/04/1990 R.B. Young (Decommissioned 2002)

The Robson Reef at port
 01/04/1990 Robson Reef (Decommissioned ?)

The W. Ferguson at port
01/04/1990 W. Ferguson (Decommissioned 1999)

The Tucho Mariner at port
 01/04/1991 Tucho Mariner (Decommissioned 2001)

The Calanus II at sea
 01/04/1991 Calanus II

The Arrow Post navigating in waters near mountains
07/01/1991 Arrow Post

The CCGC Spindrift at sea accompanied by a helicopter
01/01/1992 CCGC Spindrift

The CCGS Terry Fox near coastline
01/04/1992 CCGS Terry Fox

The Otter Bay near coastline
07/01/1992 Otter Bay

 01/04/1992 Estevan Reef (Decommissioned April 2001)

The Eagle Bay at port
 01/04/1993 Eagle Bay (Decommissioned July 1999)

The CCGC Spray at port
01/04/1994 CCGC Spray

The CCGC Courtenay Bay near coastline
01/04/1994 CCGC Courtenay Bay

The CCGC W.G. George near coastline
01/04/1994 CCGC W.G. George

The CCGC W. Jackman at port
01/12/1994 CCGC W. Jackman

The CCGC Cap Aux Meules at sea
01/04/1996 CCGC Cap Aux Meules

The CCGC Clarks Harbour near coastline
01/04/1996 CCGC Clarks Harbour

The CCGC Sambro at sea
01/04/1996 CCGC Sambro

The CCGC Westport at sea
01/04/1997 CCGC Westport

The CCGS Sipu Muin (ACV) at sea
01/04/1998 CCGS Sipu Muin (ACV)

The CCGS Siyay on shore
01/04/1998 CCGS Siyay (ACV)

The CCGS Traverse near coastline
01/04/1998 CCGS Traverse

The CCGC Cape Sutil near coastline
01/04/1998 CCGC Cape Sutil

The CCGC Cape Calvert near coastline
01/04/1999 CCGC Cape Calvert

The CCGC Cape St-James near coastline
01/04/1999 CCGC Cape St-James

The CCGC Cape Storm at port
01/04/1999 CCGC Cape Storm

The CCGC Thunder Cape at sea
01/04/2000 CCGC Thunder Cape

The CCGC Cape Mercy at sea
01/04/2000 CCGC Cape Mercy

The CCGC Cape Lambton at sea
01/04/2000 CCGC Cape Lambton

The CCGC Cape Light near coastline
01/04/2001 CCGC Cape Light

The CCGC Cape Fox near coastline
01/04/2002 CCGC Cape Fox

The CCGC Cape Norman near coastline
01/04/2002 CCGC Cape Norman

The CCGC Cap Rozier near coastline
01/04/2002 CCGC Cap Rozier

The CCGC Cap De Rabast near coastline
01/04/2002 CCGC Cap De Rabast

The CCGC Geliget near coastline
01/01/2002 CCGC Geliget

The CCGC Pointe Caveau at sea
01/04/2003 CCGC Pointe Caveau

The CCGC Cap Nord near coastline
01/04/2003 CCGC Cap Nord

The CCGS Amundsen at sea
01/08/2003 CCGS Amundsen (ex. CCGS Sir John Franklin)

The CCGS Vakta at sea
17/08/2003 CCGS Vakta

The CCGC Cape Mudge near coastline
01/04/2003 CCGC Cape Mudge

The CCGC Cape Farewell near coastline
01/04/2003 CCGC Cape Farewell

The CCGC Cape Spry near coastline
01/04/2003 CCGC Cape Spry

The CCGC Cape Cockburn near coastline
01/04/2003 CCGC Cape Cockburn

The CCGC Cape Chaillon near coastline
01/04/2004 CCGC Cape Chaillon

The CCGC Cape Providence near coastline
01/04/2004 CCGC Cape Providence

The CCGC Cape Commodore near coastline
01/04/2004 CCGC Cape Commodore

The CCGC Cape McKay near coastline
01/04/2004 CCGC Cape McKay

The CCGC Cape Ann near coastline
01/04/2004 CCGC Cape Ann

The CCGC Cap Breton near coastline
01/04/2004 CCGC Cap Breton

The CCGC Cape Caution near coastline
01/04/2004 CCGC Cape Caution

The CCGC Cape Discovery near coastline
01/04/2004 CCGC Cape Discovery

The CCGC Cape Hearne near coastline
01/04/2005 CCGC Cape Hearne

The CCGC Cape Dundas near coastline
01/04/2005 CCGC Cape Dundas

The CCGC Cap Tourmente near coastline
01/04/2005 CCGC Cap Tourmente

The CCGC Cap D'Espoir near coastline
01/04/2005 CCGC Cap D'Espoir

The CCGC Cap Percé near coastline
01/04/2005 CCGC Cap Percé

The CCGC Cape Edensaw near coastline
01/04/2005 CCGC Cape Edensaw

The CCGC Cape Kuper near coastline
01/04/2005 CCGC Cape Kuper

The CCGC Cape Pacific, photo of a Search and Rescue incident front the TV series “The Guard”
01/22/2008 CCGC Cape Pacific (The Guard on Wikipedia)

The CCGC Mamilossa navigating near shore
01/04/2008 CCGC Mamilossa (ACV)

The CCGC Viola Kelso navigating near shore
 07/01/2009 CCGC Kelso

The CCGS Viola M. Davidson navigating near shore
 20/05/2010 CCGS Viola M. Davidson

A digital rendering of a preliminary conceptual design of the CCGS John G. Diefenbaker
01/04/2017 CCGS John G. Diefenbaker

Other notables:

CCGS Simon Fraser built 1960, decommissioned March 2001

CCGS Sir Humphrey Gilbert built 1959, decommissioned July 2002