Tanker Exclusion Zone (TEZ)

A tanker exclusion zone (TEZ) has been established off the Pacific coast of Canada as a result of the discontinuance of the Trans Alaska Pipeline Tanker Routes.

The purpose of the TEZ is to keep laden tankers west of the zone boundary in an effort to protect the shoreline and coastal waters from a potential risk of pollution.

The zone boundary follows the Canada/Alaska border to a point approximately 115 miles west of Langara Island, thence southward to approximately 73 miles southwest of Cape St. James, thence to 40 miles southwest of Amphitrite Point and thence due east to just off Cape Flattery.

The TEZ is defined as follows:

a line from 54°00'00"N 136°17'00"W
thence to 51°05'00"N 132°30'00"W
thence to 48°32'00"N 126°30'00"W
thence to 48°32'00"N 125°09'00"W

Loaded TAPS crude oil tankers transiting along the Pacific coast are requested to remain seaward of this zone boundary.

Map of the Tanker Exclusion Zone