MCTS Vancouver

Harbour Centre in Vancouver

Vancouver Traffic was the first Traffic Regulating Zone in the Pacific Region and was formerly known as Vessel Traffic Management (VTM). Vessel Traffic Management then became Vessel Traffic Services and now the combined services (Coast Guard Radio and VTS) known as MCTS. There is one traffic position, one safety position and one supervisory position. Boundaries are described in the Radio Aids to Marine Navigation - Pacific and Western Arctic.

Vancouver MCTS today is the amalgamation of Vancouver Traffic and Vancouver Coast Guard Radio. Vancouver Radio (VAI) having existed at various locations since the 1930's and Vancouver Traffic coming into existence January 1st., 1974.

Co-located with Vancouver MCTS is the RMIC (Regional Marine Information Centre) which provides shipping information, message distribution services, notice to shipping creation/distribution and pollution reporting services.


Site Details


  • 1 Officer in Charge
  • 11 Marine Communications & Traffic Services Officers
  • 6 Supervisors
  • 3 Technicians
  • 1 Administration Support
  • 6 Regional Marine Information Centre Officers
  • 2 Computer Support

Area of Responsibility:

Map showing the area of responsibility of MCTS Vancouver

MCTS Vancouver area of responsibility includes all Canadian waters contained north and east of a line from the Iona breakwater light, 49°12’18”N 123°15’50”W; thence 270° (T) 6.6 nautical miles to 49°12’18”N 123°25’53”W; thence 000° (T) 8.15 nautical miles to Cape Roger Curtis light 49°20’24”N 123°25’53”W; thence 303° (T) 4.8 nautical miles to Gower Point 49°23’01”N 123°32’06”W; including all the waters of Howe Sound and Burrard Inlet.

Communication Sites Located at:

  • Vancouver 49 17 05 N - 123 06 44W
  • Watts Point, Howe Sound 49 38 54 N - 123 12 36 W

For Distress/Safety/Radio Services call Vancouver CG Radio.

For Vessel Traffic Services call Vancouver Traffic.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:

Vancouver MCTS Centre
Canadian Coast Guard
Suite 2380, PO Box 12107
555 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 4N6

Telephone Numbers:

  • 604-666-6011 Regional Marine Information Centre (RMIC)
  • 604-666-1004 Officer-in-Charge
  • 604-666-1003 Administration
  • 604-775-8919 Watch Supervisor
  • Telex Number: 043-52586 CGTC VAS VCR




RMIC Email:

For Information on Notices to Shipping:


Call Sign:


Maritime Mobile Service Identity Number:

00 316 0010

MCTS Vancouver/VAS - Ship/shore Communications:

MCTS Centre Frequency and Broadcast Information:

  • Continuous broadcast information available by telephone from Vancouver 604-666-3655.