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Important: RAMN 2012 is revised on a monthly basis, when required, through Notices to Mariners (NOTMAR), Section 3.

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The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

These VTS diagrams are for the sole purpose of inclusion in RAMN 2012 and no further copying, selling or distributing of the copyright material, or any part of it, is permitted. The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office makes the accompanying data available to the Canadian Coast Guard, Marine Communications and Traffic Services, under the terms of Licence Agreement HO 829/111213/09.

© Crown Copyright and database rights 2011. Some Vessel Traffic Services diagrams are reproduced from the Admiralty List of Radio Signals Volume 6 by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.


Latitude and longitude positions given in this publication are in NAD 83 unless otherwise indicated

©Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Canada 2012
Published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service
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Any inquiries as to the contents of RAMN 2012 or reports of errors or omissions should be directed to the nearest regional office as indicated at the end of Part 1.

The information in RAMN 2012 is grouped into five parts:

  1. Foreword(includes advance notices, legend, frequency listing and MCTS telephone and address information)
  2. Pacific Coast, Western Arctic (includes Athabasca-Mackenzie Watershed)
  3. Vessel Traffic Services
  4. General
  5. Environment Canada

Part 1 provides mariners with advance information on proposed changes to facilities and services. It includes the Canadian Maritime Mobile Safety and Public Correspondence communication frequencies, a legend for centre listings and the telephone/facsimile/telex directory of MCTS centres along with the Regional offices' addresses.

Part 2 lists, in tabular form, detailed operational information about individual facilities in each of the areas covered. MCTS centres provide continuous year round communications and special services except as noted.

Part 3 provides consolidated information concerning Vessel Traffic Services.

Part 4 describes the various procedures, services and systems available, together with general observations or directions for their use. This part also refers to radiotelephone procedures for the benefit of vessels equipped with radiotelephone but not carrying radio operators. The proper use of radio frequencies and procedures is essential to minimize congestion and delays on the channels available for communication.

Part 5 provides all relative information concerning Environment Canada's services in marine meteorology that are delivered by the Canadian Coast Guard.

The main purpose of RAMN 2012 is to present, in a convenient form, information on radio communications and radio navigational aids services provided in Canada by the Canadian Coast Guard. Radio facilities of other government agencies that contribute to the safety of ships in Canadian waters are also included.

RAMN 2012 is published in two editions: one for the Atlantic Coast, Gulf and St. Lawrence River to Montréal, Eastern Arctic (including Hudson Bay and Strait), the Great Lakes (including St. Lawrence River to Montréal) and Lake Winnipeg; the other for the Pacific Coast, Western Arctic and the Athabasca-Mackenzie Watershed area. Each edition is also available in French.

RAMN 2012 is published each April. Amendments are advertised by radio broadcast (Notices to Shipping) and/or in Notices to Mariners, Section 3.

Every ship station fitted on a Canadian ship or on a non-Canadian ship engaged in the coasting trade of Canada, pursuant to the Ship Station (Radio) Regulations 1999, and all ships in waters under Canadian jurisdiction, pursuant to the Charts and Nautical Publications Regulations, 1995, are required to carry the most recent applicable edition of RAMN.