CCG Fleet: Vessel Details


Pierre Radisson 1 (5x7)

Official Number: 383326

Call Sign: CGSB

General Operation

Vessel Type: Medium Icebreaker

Port of Registry: Ottawa, Ontario

Home Region: Central and Arctic

Home Port: Québec, Quebec

Vessel Status: Active

Crewing Regime

Complement: 31

Officers: 11

Crew: 20

Berths Available: 26

Crewing Regime: Layday


Ice Class: Arctic Class 3

Class of Voyage: Unlimited - beyond 2000nm


IMO: 7510834

Construction Details

Builder: Burrard Dry Dock Co. Ltd., North Vancouver, British Columbia

Build Material: Steel

Owner: Canadian Coast Guard

Year Launched: 1978

Year in Service: 1978

Vessel Specifications

Length: 98.2 m (Metres)

Breadth: 19.2 m (Metres)

Draft: 7.2 m (Metres)

Freeboard: 3.7 m (Metres)

Gross Tonnage: 5775.0 t (Tons)

Net Tonnage: 1732.0 t (Tons)

Cruising Range: 15000 nm (Nautical Miles)

Endurance: 120 d (Days)

Cruising Speed: 14.0 kts (Knots)

Maximum Speed: 16.7 kts (Knots)

Fresh Water: 135.00 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Fuel Capacity: 2450.00 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Fuel Consumption: 30.00 m3/d (Cubic Metres)

Helicopter Facilities

Helicopter Capacity: 1

Type(s): MBB Bo105, Bell 212

Flight Deck: Yes

Area: 137.0 m2 (Square Metres)

Hangar: Yes

Area: 42.6 m2 (Square Metres)

Storage: Yes

Fuel: 29.5 m3 (Cubic Metres)


Propulsion: Diesel electric AC/DC

Main Engines: 

(6) x Alco M251F

Power: 10142kw (KiloWatts)

Propellers: (2) x Fixed Pitch

Bow thrusters: Yes

Stern thrusters: No

Emergency Generator: (1) x Caterpillar 398


(3) x MTU 4000

Scientific Equipment This vessel is not equipped with dedicated Scientific Equipment
Holds and Deck Space

Hold #1: 500.0 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Hatch Size:  4.9 x 3.6

Hold #2: 100.0 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Hatch Size:  3.5 x 2.6

Main Deck: 153.0 m2 (Square Metres)

Boat Deck: 82.3 m2 (Square Metres)

After Deck: 82.3 m2 (Square Metres)

Container Capacity

Focsle: 2

Flight Deck: 2

Deck Equipment

Main Hoist:  Hepburn 75M-0526

SWL: 8.0 t (Tons)

Crane #1:  Hepburn 75M-0526

SWL: 8.0 t (Tons)

Crane #2:  Hepburn 75M-0526

SWL: 8.0 t (Tons)

Crane #3:  Hepburn 75M-0526

SWL: 8.0 t (Tons)

Towing Equipment: Winch

Bollard Pull: 20.0 t (Tons)

Workboat #1: RHIB

Launcher:  Miranda Davit

Workboat #2: SP Barge

Launcher:  Standard Davit

Workboat #3: RHIB

Launcher: Hepburn Crane

Comms and Navigation Equipment


(2) x Collins 251


(3) x Sailor RT-146


(1) x Motorola Micom


(1) x Nera B Inmarsat
(1) x Westinghouse Series 1000 Msat

Weather Fax: 

(1) x Furuno Fax 208


(2) x Anschutz Standard 20


Sperry Marine Bridgemaster E - X Band
Sperry Marine Bridgemaster E - S Band
Sperry Marine Bridgemaster E - X Band

Electronic Charts: 

(1) x ICAN Aldebaran II

Auto Pilot: 

(1) x Wagner Autonav A-1500

Speed Logs: 

(1) x Sperry Marine SRD-331


(1) x Magnavox MX200
(1) x SAAB R4 (AIS)


(1) x Taiyo C338 HS


(1) x OAR Cubic 320

Depth Sounders: 

(2) x Elac LAZ-72
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Pierre Radisson 4 (5x7)
Pierre Radisson 3 (5x7)
Pierre Radisson 2 (5x7)
Additional Information

Vessel Accomplishments: 

Biographical Information: Pierre-Esprit Radisson (1636-1701). Born in France, he came to Canada at an early age, and spent several of his early years living with Mohawks. Joining forces with his brother-in-law, Medard Des Grosseilliers, he became fur trader and explorer, and was instrumental in establishing the Hudson’s Bay Company. His contributions to early Canadian economy, played a major role in the development of Western Canada for centuries to come. Radisson is buried in London, England.

Modernization Information: