CCG Fleet: Vessel Details


R.B. Young - sm-old-poor

Official Number: 811822

Call Sign: CG3253

General Operation

Vessel Type: Mid Shore Science Vessel

Port of Registry: Ottawa, Ontario

Home Region: Pacific

Home Port: Patricia Bay, British Columbia

Vessel Status: Decommissioned

Crewing Regime

Complement: 0

Officers: 0

Crew: 0

Berths Available: 0

Crewing Regime: Conventional


Ice Class: none

Class of Voyage: N/A


IMO: Not Applicable

Construction Details

Builder: Allied Shipbuilders Ltd., North Vancouver, British Columbia

Build Material: Steel

Owner: Other

Year Launched: 1990

Year in Service: 1990

Year Disposed: 2003

Vessel Specifications

Length: 32.3 m (Metres)

Breadth: 8.0 m (Metres)

Draft: 2.3 m (Metres)

Freeboard: 0.9 m (Metres)

Gross Tonnage: 300.0 t (Tons)

Net Tonnage: 76.2 t (Tons)

Cruising Range: 5000 nm (Nautical Miles)

Endurance: 20 d (Days)

Cruising Speed: 10.0 kts (Knots)

Maximum Speed: 12.0 kts (Knots)

Fresh Water: 11.00 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Fuel Capacity: 51.00 m3 (Cubic Metres)

Fuel Consumption: 2.00 m3/d (Cubic Metres)

Helicopter Facilities This vessel is not helicopter capable

Propulsion: Geared Diesel

Main Engines: 

Power: 480kw (KiloWatts)

Propellers: (2) x Controllable Pitch

Bow thrusters: Yes

Stern thrusters: No

Emergency Generator: 


Scientific Equipment

Laboratory Type: Wet

Area: 17.0 Area (Area)

Scientific LAN: No

Winches: Not Applicable

Sounders: Not Applicable

Power on Deck (Hydraulic): No  (Electrical): No

Holds and Deck Space This vessel does not have cargo holds
Container Capacity This vessel cannot accommodate any containers.
Deck Equipment

Main Hoist:  HIAB Seacrane

SWL: 0.0 t (Tons)

Workboat #1: RHIB

Launcher:  Boat Crane

Workboat #2: Sounding Launch

Launcher:  Boat Davit

Workboat #3: Sounding Launch

Launcher:  Boat Davit

Comms and Navigation Equipment
Vessel Images

No photo available

Additional Information

Vessel Accomplishments: 

Biographical Information: Decommissioned and sold in February 2003 to the Department of Fish & Game, Juneau, Alaska, USA

Modernization Information: