Student jobs


"While motivating myself to do school work can be nearly impossible sometimes, I very rarely find myself with that problem here. I know that the effort I put into the exciting tasks I’ve been assigned will be of benefit to a public service that helps save lives!” –Abdulaziz H., FSWEP, Ottawa


What student jobs are available?

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) hires bright young minds from across the country. Students enrolled in full-time studies at universities, colleges, and CEGEPs are given exciting opportunities to work with the Coast Guard, helping save lives and protect Canada’s environment.

We hire students through the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP), a Government of Canada inventory of students looking for jobs in Canada. The Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) Service is a Canadian Coast Guard program run through FSWEP, which has the only seagoing positions available for students. We also hire students through Co-operative Education programs run by the academic institutions where they study.


The Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) is the main way that federal organizations recruit students. FSWEP gives you opportunities to gain valuable hands-on work experience in your field of study while developing your skills for your future career. The Coast Guard uses the FSWEP inventory year round. As a student, you can work full-time during a non-academic term (often during the summer), or part-time during an academic term. Tasks depend on organizational need, and range from creating marketing promotional materials to conducting research.

Seagoing search and rescue job opportunities are available with the In-Shore Rescue Boat (IRB) Service. Hiring for this program is also done through FSWEP.

Co-op program

The Canadian Coast Guard also works with academic institutions to provide you with practical hands-on work experience in your field of study, helping you fulfill the requirements of your academic program. We recruit the best students to work on everything from financial analysis to green engineering practices.

For more information on how to access co-op opportunities, please contact your academic institution.


Your responsibilities will depend on your position and the organization you work for. You could be required to:

  • conduct analyses, research, and consultations
  • participate in work groups
  • do office and clerical work
  • conduct field and lab work
  • prepare documents like financial reports and marketing materials
  • participate in search and rescue operations
  • lead other students

Income and benefits

A student position with the Canadian Coast Guard offers you competitive wages. Wages start at roughly $12/hour, depending on your academic level and qualifications. With experience, they can go up to more than $20/hour. Please see Student Rates of Pay for current salary rates.

Hours of work

Hours of work vary by position, but students usually work a 37.5 hour week from Monday to Friday. For certain projects, you may be asked to work longer or be on standby during the weekend or in case of emergency. IRB students typically work seven to twelve hour days, on a seven or fourteen day schedule, with equal time off.


To work for the Canadian Coast Guard as an FSWEP student (including for the IRB program), you must apply through FSWEP. Applications are typically accepted from October to October each year. Note that for the IRB program and many other summer positions, the deadline is usually end of January. Please check the job poster for exact deadlines.

To work for the Canadian Coast Guard as co-op student, please contact your academic institution.